Where to start?

If you are a new employee at University of Arkansas, the best place to start is the New Employee Checklist page maintained by Human Resources. You should also check with your hiring department. They can answer questions, provide resources, or let you know about any specific onboarding tasks they may wish you to complete. As part of the process for beginning employment, once you've accepted your offer in Workday and your hire is complete, you will begin to receive emails from uasys@myworkday.com with instructions to log into Workday to begin tasks. Examples of tasks you will receive: complete I-9, payment elections, benefits enrollment, and other onboarding tasks.  

Once you’re settled and require additional information about Workday, use the resources below to get started using Workday and performing your onboarding tasks.

Getting Started with Workday 

Once you accept your offer, you will be provided a temporary log in to Workday from uasys@myworkday.com to the personal email you used to apply for the job. You can utilize the temporary log in to complete tasks prior to receiving your university ID and email. When you have reached your date of hire (please refer to your offer letter for your start date), you will only be able to log in with your uark email through the workday icon found in https://myapps.microsoft.com.   

If you have not already done so, please activate your UARK account by verifying your University ID number and date of birth. When setting up your account security settings, provide a current number for a phone you have with you at all times. If you need additinal assistance, you can download detailed instructions for setting up your UARK account. More details about email accounts and resetting passwords are also available for additional assistance. 

The University requires the use of multi-factor authentication to get into our systems, additional information is provided to register multi-factor authentication for UARK accounts.  

If you have any issues logging in or general questions, please first contact your Manager or HR Partner. If there are additional issues logging in please email hr@uark.edu for assistance. For additional assistance, you can Submit a Workday Login Access Ticket

New Employee Onboarding

As a new employee, you will receive tasks in your Workday Inbox that you will need to complete. Please prioritize completing your I-9, which authorizes you to work, the acknowledgement of policies, conflict of interest, and outside employment. 

You are encouraged and can complete Section 1 of the I-9 in Workday. You will need to coordinate a time to meet with the Human Resources Employee Services Team, who serve as the campus Onboarding Partners, to provide your Identity and/or Employment Authorization Documents. If you didn't do so when accepting your offer, please complete the HR Online Booking to schedule your time to present your documentation. If for any reason you weren't able to complete Section 1 of the I-9, you can also use the scheduled time  to complete the I-9 in person. 

If you have any additional questions regarding the I-9 or other onboarding tasks, please email hr@uark.edu for assistance.