Who is User Solutions?

User Solutions is responsible for the enterprise system user experience on the University of Arkansas campus.  Its inaugural focus is on enhancing and optimizing Workday's capabilities with our business process and user needs.  The team serves as the focal point for technology-enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and analytical capabilities of university enterprise systems.  It provides expertise in business process design, a technical understanding of ERP functionality, and University strategy. 

User Solutions (US) brings the campus together with a strong, unified front evaluating policy and practice to provide recommendations based on clear business justifications rooted in industry best practices, policies, and regulatory requirements.  This means US will provide more value with a focus on the University of Arkansas's business than Workday's technology. 

Services Supported

Business Process Improvements             Workday Issue and Request Escalation
Workday Report Support             Workday Working Group Support


Support Team

James Morrison - Senior Director, User Solutions
J'onnelle Colbert-Diaz - Director, HCM
Thad Turman - Director, Finance
Riley Davis - Project Manager
Jennika Smith - Workday Training Coordinator
Jen Gilbert - Business Service Partner

Guiding Principles

Empowering Users

We exist to make a positive difference in the way the University of Arkansas does business and supports students.  With every interaction, we aim to leave our students, faculty, and staff better off than where they started.  We do this by providing high-quality support, resolving issues, and educating.  


Driving Value  

We are driven by a desire to create value for students, faculty, and staff.  We aim to deeply understand the needs of our key stakeholders and develop both long- and short-term strategies to actively address opportunities to enhance student learning or improve the university's business processes.  We do this by listening first and then optimizing and aligning with the strategic goals of the university and department.   


Creating Awareness  

We value the power of knowledge and seek to ensure that students, faculty, and staff benefit from full awareness of changes or opportunities that impact them.   The awareness will start will engaging teams, monitoring progress, and leveraging multiple avenues of communication.