Workday Video Series

Project One Resources

Our institution will go live on Workday in July 2020!  New to hearing about Project One and Workday? Check out this infographic for an overview of this implementation.  Training for Workday will take place closer to go-live and will be delivered in a variety of formats, including in-person classes, computer based self-paced courses, and quick reference guides.  Prior to training, there are some steps you can take to prepare, such as viewing the videos below to learn about some key concepts and functions of Workday.

Introduction to Workday

Before jumping into viewing demonstrations of Workday, check out the Introduction to Workday video to understand what Workday is, what systems it will be replacing, and how accessible it is!

Workday Concepts to Know

Workday operates on its own set of terms and concepts - some of which may be new to you!  The Workday Concepts to Know video defines eight core concepts of Workday.

Workday Wizard Video Series

This demo video series is intended as a sneak peek of Workday to help you prepare for training.  All data shown in these demo videos is fictional and does not belong to any UA System employee.  These videos are not formal training.  Formal training will be accessible as we approach Go-Live.


Workday Wizard Links